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Jun 14, 2019 at 03:01 PM

CBTA - mapping parameters to a TDC structure


How do you make use of a structure defined in your TDC within a CBTA script?

I follow the instructions in the Test Suite - How-to Guide 2018, section How to define a TDC. Example 2 on page 30 details creating a TDC with a data structure. The example involves running transaction VA01 and wanting to fill in the material and quantity on multiple rows of the table. All of this works a documented.

The problem is when I add the TDC to my test configuration and run the Test Data Assignment Wizard. The last screen allows you to map CBTA parameters to TDC fields. When I try to map a parameter for one cell on the VA01 screen to the TDC structure I get an error.

Any ideas or suggestions? I assume this can be done since SAP documented adding a structure to a TDC for CBTA. But they don't, as far as I can find, documented how to use this in CBTA.