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Jun 18, 2019 at 01:50 PM

Batch Remaining Shelf Life Calculation within IBP


We are using L-code related Shelf life Key figures from SAPIBP1 planning area for our supply planning.

After modeling it based on our business requirement we need Batch Remaining shelf life key figure to be maintained (Day/Product/batch level) in descending order to calculate wastage quantities after a batch expires. Currently we are doing this manually, but how we can achieve this in IBP to be automatically calculated?

We have Batch-Product master data consisting of Expiry Date maintained which we are getting from S/4H system.

Can we achieve this calculation in IBP directly?

Example: Expiry Date 22nd Jan 2019 for Product P1 and Batch B1 maintained in batch-Product master data table

Populate the below values for the Batch remaining shelf life KF as given below

Current Day Current Day+1 Current Day +2 Current Day +3

Batch Remaining shelf life P1 B1 3 2 1 0