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Jun 14, 2019 at 03:35 PM

HANA XSOData registered to SEGW gives wrong data response

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So we have a requirement to use a HANA XS Odata service for a Fiori app, we have created an alias on the gateway to HANA system and registered the Xs Odata service using SEGW. The service shows successfully registered with no errors, but when we make a request to the registered service it returns incorrect data. For example, if I request '?select=Plant,Status,Count' we should see a result that gives each plant, the status and an overall count of that status. But instead the structure of the data is broken, it will only give count as 1, and list the same plant over and over. The original service still works fine on HANA, but registering it to the gateway has caused it to not work correctly. I have searched all over for the error and possible solution with no luck. Is this an error anyone else has encountered when registering XSOdata to the gateway via system alias? It seems like the relationships of the data properties are no longer connected. The service will no longer aggregate the values, so even simple queries will return the same line item repeating hundreds of times, when it should be only listing each plant a single time.

Edit: I have also tried to use reverse proxy connection through web dispatcher, but not sure exactly how to configure it properly to use as a service in our Fiori app.