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Former Member
Mar 22, 2006 at 06:57 PM

CAF Core Web Service Consumption and Authentication


I have exposed ERP functionality as web services and am now trying to consume them as external services in CAF Core (NW04s SP6).

At design time (IDE), the WSDL cannot be taken from its URL location as there is no way to provide credentials for basic authentication [HTTP 401]. Anyhow, downloading the file to the local file system and using it from there works fine.

At runtime, the external service configuration allows for the WSDL and endpoint configuration. The latter seemingly supports basic authentication. Anyway, testing the service through the service browser does not work: Problem in server response: [Unknown Host].

I have seen a similar message when accessing the WSDL through the Web Services navigator before. I suppose it has to do with the necessary authentication at endpoint and WSDL location.

If anybody has encountered the same problem and knows a solution or a workaround, please let me (and of course anybody else in the forum) know.

Thanks & Regards,

HaJo Odlozinski