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Jun 14, 2019 at 05:12 PM

SLD - BS and TS disassociated and every OB proxy interface got lost


Hi Gurus,

We recently faced a production issue: we noticed that every outbound proxy (all ECC outbound interfaces, sync and async) were not working starting at the date change day (00:00).

There were no DUMPS at the ERP neither erroneous messages at the SXMB_MONI (so there was no way any alert could be triggered).

While looking at the issue we found that the Business System who belongs to ECC has no Technical System associated in our System Landscape Directory (both always exist but from today 00:00 o'clock they were not related).

The issue was solved just assigning the corresponding TS to the BS.

These are our big concerns:

1) How can we know what happened at 00:00 o'clock for this BS? Where do we need to check who or what changed this? This is our most important item we want to know.

2) In our ERP system we are unable to resend whatever was not send to each outbound proxy interface as we can't see any error messages. Is there any way we can work out this?

Thanks in advanced!