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Purchase Order OutPut Type Processing Status

Hello Everyone,

I am getting an issue in processing output message in purchase order. Output message processes successfully if PO is released completely and press save button. But If PO is rejected, then output message did not processed.

I want to trigger a mail if PO is rejected. But output type is not processing if PO is rejected.

So I would like to understand in SAP How Purchase Order Output Type Processing Status gets updated in SAP?

like If PO has a release strategy then it will get processed fully i.e. green light unless and until PO is released.

In that case if PO is rejected then processing status is not processed i.e. Yellow.

So How system is deciding this processing status?

Is there any linkage to release strategy configuration.

Thanks in advance for your valuable support.

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2 Answers

  • Jun 11 at 02:54 AM

    In tcode NACE, select application 'EF' (Purchase order) and click 'Procedures'.

    In next windows, you select your procedure and double click 'Control'.

    After that, you can see 'Condition Type' (output type: NEU, etc.) and 'Requirement' (example: '101', etc.).

    'Requirement' is logic for control when output type will trigger.

    You can create your own 'Requirement' in tcode VOFM, sub menu 'Requirements-Output Control'. For custom requirement, please use number 9xx (need access key). After that, you can assign custom requirement in tcode NACE.

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  • Jun 11 at 02:54 PM


    The output procedure is used to trigger emails to vendor and the PO will be / should be sent to vendor only once the PO is completely released.

    If a PO is rejected for release, there is no meaning to send it to an external party!

    I hope your requirement is to trigger notification to the buyer if a PO is refused for approval by higher authorities. This has to be achieved by the PO release workflow procedure - you may refer the blog:Concepts in Workflow Release Strategy



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