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Jun 06, 2019 at 08:18 AM

SuccessFactors (Plateau) roles - can we hide (or inactivate) some of them?


Hi, I'm new to the SAP community (SuccessFactors admin/analyst) here. Sorry if I'm posting this question to the wrong place.

I have two questions here:

1. I found that currently under the Learning Administration (Plateau) > System Admin (tab) > Security > Role Management, then click "Search" with empty string (default). It will show me that the system has 67 different roles. Among these 67 roles, we are only using about 10 of them. If we delete some of these roles (to keep the UI simple), and later on find out that we need those roles back. Can we restore them back later? Or, is there a way for us to hide/inactivate some of these roles (possible feature request)?

2. I assume that the "Workflows" "Entity Restr." "Function Restr." "Workflow Restr." are actually "permissions" of that role. If we want to create a role that can only assign a training (to global internal users), but will not trigger a notification email. Would it be possible?

3. Let's say that we have a new version (SCORM course) of biennial recurring "anti-harassment" training that we want to deploy to global internal audience, but for those users who just completed the training (with the older content) recently, we want to respect their completion (and respect their new renewal date). What's the best practice to deploy the new training with such scenario?