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Jun 11, 2019 at 02:27 PM

SAP CAP: Build of /bookshop/db failed

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Hi Colleagues,

I am following the series MISSION: Build Your First Full-Stack App on SAP Cloud Platform. In between at the tutorial - Add a Database to your Business Application, at Step 1, when I build the db module, I get the below error and the build fails:

7:42:10 PM (Executor) Build command failed : Build failed: Failed during post build event: Failed to create JSON from build log: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field BuilderLog.level of type int
7:42:10 PM (Executor) The "task for hdb build" process finished with code 1
7:42:10 PM (Executor) Build of /bookshop/db failed.

As suggested in tutorial, i have changed the plugin_version property in db/src/.hdiconfig file from to Still there the build fails.

Attaching the complete Log details.log-db-build-failed.txt

Attaching the screenshot of my Workspace including the .hdiconfig fileplugin version change.workspacetree.png

Can someone provide help?

Thanks in advance,

Mary Jose


workspacetree.png (60.0 kB)