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Jun 11, 2019 at 11:58 AM

Where in the S/4 HANA Cloud are restriction types values defined (for customer projects)?



In S/4 HANA Cloud (professional services) I want to make an extract of all the condition records listing hourly rates for consultants. When I enter the "set service prices - sales" app I can extract all existing condition records for condition type PSP0 (via the condition information function) however I am unable to do so for condition type PCP0. Why is this so? For PCP0 I get the following error:


Could this be because the business catalog which grants authorization to this application has a restriction based on condition type?


Can someone explain to me how this restriction type works? I am unable to find where in the system it is defined that I have access to certain condition types and no access to other condition types (so acces for PSP0 but no access for PCP0). Note: The business role in which this business catalog resides is a custom business role with unrestricted read, write and value help access.

Thanks in advance!