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Automatic Picking quantity is not determined with WM (in the delivery)

Hi all,

Automatic picking is not working. WM and Handling Unit solutions are implemented for the delivery. Processes created are "sales order, delivery, shipment and HU". The picking should perform automatically when a click is done in "check-in" during the shipment view. However the system shows me the following message: "No picking created for 8000xxxxxx in warehouse TTT" (message No. ZARPSLE025).

In order to resolve it, I have customized in IMG the following:

  • OMLJ tcode: Wareh.Numb: "TTT" and Mov.Type: 601 => TO creation set to "A" (automatically in the background).
  • OMKX tcode: WNo: "TTT", Ref.Mvt.Type WM: "601", Mov.Typ: "601", TR creat: "X", Immed. TO creation: "X" and Deliv.Typ: DOG.

However, picking is not determined automatically.

Likewise, I have analyzed the message "ZARPSLE025", which call to the function "L_TO_CREATE_DN". I don't know if it is the problem "teilk_wrong = 10" and if it is part of the a standard customization or if it needs to be worked by a developer.

I am sorry but I am not an expert in LE. Could someone please help/advise me what I should do in order resolve it?

Thank you in advance.


i_lgnum = wvtrlk-lgnum
i_vbeln = wvtrlk-vbeln
i_commit_work = 'X'
i_teilk = 'X'
foreign_lock = 1
dn_completed = 2
partial_delivery_forbidden = 3
xfeld_wrong = 4
ldest_wrong = 5
drukz_wrong = 6
dn_wrong = 7
squit_forbidden = 8
no_to_created = 9
teilk_wrong = 10
update_without_commit = 11
no_authority = 12
no_picking_allowed = 13
dn_hu_not_choosable = 14
input_error = 15
OTHERS = 16.

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3 Answers

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    Jun 11 at 09:37 AM

    Dear Andy and dear Ankur,

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    I solved it last Friday. I saw on the FM that the i_teilk = 'X' must be marked. It was the error. Therefore, I have customized it (partial picking flag). Now, it is working.

    This is path:

    SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Interfaces -> Shipping-> Define Shipping Control -> Shipping Control per Warehouse Number

    Note: OMLJ and OMKX tcodes were not needed



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  • Jun 10 at 03:53 AM

    Please ask to your ABAPER because your message class (ZARPSLE) is custome message class (not SAP standard).

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  • Jun 10 at 05:58 AM

    Hey Your message type is starts with Z, that means its custom message try to debug by putting breakpoint on the message number to analyze the issue!

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