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Jun 12, 2019 at 04:31 PM

Problem visualizing satisfaction survey results

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We have not been able to visualize a satisfaction survey in the “Tickets” work center, in its “Surveys” tab. Despite the fact that this survey has been completed by the customer, after having sent it by e-mail, it can not be viewed. We want to see this satisfaction survey here:

On the following paragraphs, I’ll be explaining to you step by step what we’ve been doing to reach this purpose:

1) We have created a satisfaction survey, through the “Surveys” work center.

2) After having created the survey, we have created a new Workflow rule, in order to trigger the survey every time a ticket is created. In the Define Actions window, we’ve set a Placeholder with the Survey ID as #SURVEY7# and the Field as Ticket ID, having also uploaded the html file with the exact same placeholder.

3) Despite we have managed to create the link to the survey and to complete it, apparently the results of the survey are only shown in the “Surveys” work center, but we also need them to be shown in the “Tickets” work center, in the "surveys" tab.

Thank you very much in advanced for your help!


survey.png (28.0 kB)
survey1.png (12.2 kB)
survey3.png (22.2 kB)
survey2.png (46.4 kB)
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