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Jun 12, 2019 at 10:42 AM

How to create a fixed asset with several Individual Materials from a supplier invoice

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Hello there!

In contrast with the purchase order in which it is possible to create a fixed asset composed of several materials, it seems to be impossible to do the same from the supplier invoice.

From the purchase order, you have to click on the button New individual material to indicate the system that all items are a part of one same fixed asset

And we can see in the fixed asset that it is composed of 2 individual materials

This button is not available in the supplier invoice.

Either I put different Individual Material Id and I have 2 fixed assets created or either I put the same Individual Material ID for both items but as a result, the fixed asset shows only one Individual Material that is the sum of the 2 invoice's items

So my questions are :

- Do you know if that's possible to create a new fixed asset with several individual materials from the supplier invoice? And how to do if yes.

- If not, what would be the more practical way to do it? (Except by creating a purchase order...)

Thanks for your answers,

Have a nice day,