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SAP cloud for customer sales quote status

Hello experts,

Which are the statuses of sales qoutes in SAP cloud for customer? and regarding this question, is there any way to find out which are the statuses of other objects such as Accoun, contact etc.


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    Posted on Jun 17, 2019 at 08:04 PM

    Hello Shayan,

    The KBA 2620633 - Definition: Sales Quote Status has insights on it, pasted below:
    A Sales Quote can have 3 status:

    • Open
    • In Process
    • Completed

    Open : A Quote is Open once it is created and keeps Open as long as another status (In Process or Completed) is not yet reached.

    In Process : A Quote is status In Process if:

    1. some items in the Quote are cancelled.
    2. in an Integration Scenario a Quote is sent to an ERP system to create a Follow Up external sales document there. In this case the Quote will be in status In Process, once the quote message is sent out from the Cloud for Customer System.

    Completed : A Quote will have the status Complete when

    1. It is set to Won.
    2. It is set to Lost or if all items are Cancelled.
    3. If a follow up Sales Order is created (Internal or External).

    About Accounts, we can share this earlier link, with more info below:
    Account has following possible status:

    • In Preparation
    • Active
    • Blocked
    • Obsolete

    When using Account Quick Create status is set to Active.

    When creating account using APIs, you can decide if you want to create the account as In Preparation or Active, that could be a reason why there are some accounts as "In Preparation".

    Record status is an extensive topic and you should make sure to reach your implementation partner to be aware of how they affect your system along its use.

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