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Analysis for Office 2.x Show Number Format Toggle

Dear all,

In Analysis for Office 1.4 there was a possibility to set the number format and analysis styles independtly.

To make this selection available you have to make a special registry entry (ShowApplyNumberFormatsToggleButton).

Does anyone know how this is possible in AfO 2.5 or later versions? The funny thing is, that if you have an "old workbook" where the Setting was defined, it is not overwritten by AfO 2.5. Even if you replace the data provider with a new query it is still working, but I was not able to find this setting in AfO 2.5 so far.

Thank You all for your help.

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  • It's not very hard to adjust the number format on a report. Can you clarify exactly what your question is? Screenshots are always useful in conveying any issues.

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2 Answers

  • Jun 21 at 06:22 AM

    I want to be able to adapt the number format with "Excel Settings" instead of using the Analysis Format.

    In Analysis 1.4 there was a hidden setting which allow to enable this (you must add an entry "ApplyNumberFormatsToggleButton" to the registry to enable this setting).

    I still have some "old" workbooks where the setting is effective and then this is alsoworking under AfO 2.7 but I am not able to change this setting. As we have migrated to AfO 2.7 and I do not have access to a 1.4 version anymore I cannot make a screenshot anymore.

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  • Jul 15 at 10:02 AM

    Hi Marco,

    SAP KBA "2083067 - How to maintain settings for Analysis Office 2.x" describes how to maintain settings in AO 2.x. It also describes how to register / use hidden settings and uses "ShowApplyNumberFormatsToggleButton" as an example.

    After following the steps of the KBA you should be able to see the "Apply Number Formats" option again.

    Hope this helps & best regards,

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