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May 31, 2019 at 07:58 PM

sap.ui.table.Table. Duplicate row after deleting a record

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Hi community,

I've been struggling with an issue for a little bit now and Im running out of options... Hope I can get some answers here :)

I have a very simple table to manage links to third party websites, just like this:

VisibleRowCount for this table is 3.

With 3 entries or less (no scrollbar) removing or adding a link would work just fine, my model refreshes after update so my changes are reflected on the table just like it should.

The issue comes when I have 4 or more records, and hence a scrollbar in my screen...

After adding a 4th link to my table, I see two different kind of behaviors:

1. As long as I am displaying the top row (Test 1, scrollbar is all the way up), if I delete Test1, Test2 or Test3, after the model refreshes I see how the scrollbar dissapears and the 4th row now becomes the 3rd. Everything just fine:

Test 4 is the 4th row, not visible right now be cause the scrollbar is all the way up.

After deleting:

2. If, on the contrary, if my scrollbar is all the way down (or down at any point, if I had a lot of rows in my table), then the behavior is the following:

Now after deleting Test4 for instance:

You can see that Test4 is gone and Test5 has been moved up, so all rows are in display right now, however the scrollbar is still there. If I scroll up that makes another call to my backend that return the correct number of rows, however, what I get in my screen is a 4th row for Test5, so I have a duplicate last row.

If I sort by any column or, close and open my app, or insert another record then this row goes away.

Im at a loss here really, I dont see what could be wrong. This is a very easy app, there is no complex logic on managing the model or any weird stuff that could be interfering. Here are the important parts:

// This is my model instantation. And Im not doing any extra model refresh after oData operation.
// Row binding is done on the XML view
// The model is bound to the view, instead of to the table directly (although I have tried)
this.oModel = new ODataModel(menu.util.utils.getSystemUrl(this.SERVICE_PATH + this.SERVICE_NAME), {
		    json : true,
		    refreshAfterChange : true,
		    loadMetadataAsync : true,
		    skipMetadataAnnotationParsing : true,
// Im using submitChanges to insert my new records
_submitChanges : function() {
		  var that = this;
		  var sMessages;

		  if (this.oModel.hasPendingChanges()) {


// And remove to delete
_delete : function(oData) {
		  var that = this;
		  this.oModel.remove(this.ENTITYSET_NAME + "(LinkId='" + oData.LinkId + "')", {

I could be missing something really stupid here... but I dont see it!

I can add more details if needed.

EDIT: I forgot to add that all my backend calls work as expected, and the data is maintained properly. Also I disabled the cache in the oData calls as part of my troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance!


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