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Jun 05, 2019 at 01:34 AM

GRC EAM logon error - Plan version current plan was set


Hello Experts, I am facing a strange issue, the EAM logon to FF ID to target system throws error Plan version current plan was set. I got this error in DEV, QA and PRD, I was able to fix the issue in DEV and QA by adjusting the configurations and RFC and authorizations, but the same steps followed but unable to fix for production still getting same error Plan version current plan was set.

Steps in GRC system

Validated the EAM Parameters

4000: 1

4010: with custom role

Plugin System parameters

4000: 1

4010: with custom role(same role as in GRC)

Connector exist

Connector Group exist

Connector group to connector types: maintained as Logical group

Assign connector to connector groups: Maintained target connector

Maintain connection settings: Scenario connector Link with target Connect for all AUTH, SUPMG, PROV, ROLMG

Sync Jobs: ran all sync Jobs, Auth sync, Rep sync, EAM

Auth objects: S_RFC : RFC_TYPE: FUNC, FUGR, RFC_NAME: * and ACTVT: 16


Note: I already tested with above authorizations in DEV and QA and its working, specially Field : RFC_EQUSER: N and Y.

Both GRC user and Firefighter ID has the above RFC authorizations and SAP_ALL.

Still getting the Plan version error and nothing launches, when I again try second time on the same screen, it would do nothing after I enter reason code and details.

I even checked RFC connections to and fro GRC to target and target to GRC, both are working test Authorization check.

I read on forms that we have to have trusted rfc, but my dev and QA I dint configure trusted, also, our kenel are upto date.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.