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May 31, 2019 at 04:18 PM

Transportation Lane simulation capability using SCM 7.0 Ehp 2


Hello Experts,

We are currently on SCM 7 Ehp 1. Our business has a requirement to do simulation planning by creating version specific T lanes and running planning results. We understand that with the current version of SCM and the enhancement pack we are on creating version specific lanes is not possible as its not a version specific master data.

We are considering several options of meeting the requirement one such options is to upgrade from Ehp 1 to Ehp 2 because looking at the release notes of Ehp 2 it talks about business function SCM_APO_VERSION_SIM. Where we are having issues is that the release notes talks about being able to change Transportation Lanes (blocking ind, proc prio, T lane calendar, duration, TLB profile) but it clearly does not tell whether version specific Transportation lanes can be created.

So, my question - can someone who has experience of working on Ehp 2 provide more details/insights to this new business function? Your response is highly appreciated. Please let me know for any additional information required from my side if the question or requirement here is not clear.