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Mar 22, 2006 at 10:00 AM

Portal and Internet, howto?



we have a self made Portal-Application. This Application run at the Portal and use the following additional Components.

- SAP R/3 470x110

- SAP BW 3.5

- SAP CRM 4.0

- other internal Websites (Intranet)

- other external Websites (Internet)


Access from the Internet through a ReverseProxy (Webdispatcher, IIS, Apache) is only possible for the Portal and the Websites from the Internet. All Websites at the Intranet are certanly not visible.


ApacheRewriter, with the rewriter i can all Websites from the Intranet make accessible from the Intranet. Now can i set all Links in the Portal to the Rewriter ( examble:,,, So all data traffic is throw the Rewriter.


We need two SAP-ITS-620 for the Access to R3 470 and CRM (Named: ITSA and ITSB). ITSA alone is no problem and ITSB alone is no Problem, but ITSA and ITSB together are my big Probleme.

The rewriting to ITSA is:

ProxyPass /itsa/

ProxyPassReverse /tse07/

RewriteCond % RewriteRule /sap/its(.*)$1 RewriteCond %

RewriteRule /scripts/wgate(.*)$1

The rewrite to ITSB is:

ProxyPass /itsb/

ProxyPassReverse /tse07/

RewriteCond % RewriteRule /sap/its(.*)$1 RewriteCond %

RewriteRule /scripts/wgate(.*)$1

The Problem:

both need the URL /sap and /scripts


An second Virtual ApacheRewriter for the ITSB.


HTTP_Error from the ITS-Website (ITS-620 on W3k)

The ITS implementation as an embeddet IView does not work.

I think i have read all Howtos and Blogs and Notes and Manuals and .....

I give up, no nerves more. Are there any one who have an Idea or a solution?



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