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May 27, 2019 at 08:02 AM

CDS View with annotation performance issue (Parameters / Filter annotations)



I have a question about CDS View. I created an OVP (Fiori Elements) using CDS View with annotation and everything's working fine except that I'm facing performance issue.

I'm using CDS View "stacking" (CDS view calling the previous one) and because of a huge volume of data, the application is really slow to load. I assumed I had to filter the first CDS to reduce this volume.

Here is my screen :

Presently I am using filter annotation in the last CDS called (ZCDS_OVP_TBP_ALL_ANNO) :

//Join operations here//


Now I would like to filter the very first CDS (ZCDS_REV_YEAR) using "Company Code" parameter (bukrs) that the user enters in the input. This way I could reduce significantly the amount of data in my final CDS thus its performance.

How can I accomplish that ? I tried adding "@Consumption.filter" in the first CDS View (ZCDS_REV_YEAR)but it does not change anything.

Thanks for your help !


capture232.png (75.3 kB)
screen-cds.png (30.9 kB)
2323.png (4.9 kB)
2323.png (4.9 kB)