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Mar 22, 2006 at 07:25 AM

SP01: First impression


Well pre-release of SP01 is out... Here are my first impressions

<b>New features:</b>

- Finally the FormData Event arrived 😊 And it works like a charm. Being able to put additional matrixes on system form with navigation, and easy way to get the new docentry of a document... Have waited for this day since 6.5...

- FormInfo is also great... At first I thought... Well where are you ever gonna need this this, but then it struck me that I can use it all over my Usability Package (

- Messagebox now resize to the message entered in it 😊

Else there doesn't seem that much new (As expected). Had hoped for sorting of columns and sum-columns

<b>Problems so far...</b>

- Well none... running internal addons built for SBO2005A worked as intended so far... changes in system form layout of cause give the usual problems, but that was to be expected....

<b>To sum it up...</b>

SP01 is a nice little addition to the SDK, but as expected only a little... FormData Event is the new big thing but one can argue that it should have been there a long time ago... I still missing to test the new version on SQL2005 and some more external addons, but so far it seem that the switch to SP01 will go quite smoothly as it is now...


Looking ahead at SBO2006A i really hope the following will be included/fixed

- Better performance

- Modal Forms

- DI Access to UDO-data

- Column Sort

- Sum-columns

- Missing definition business objects (Project, ect.)