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May 21, 2019 at 11:52 AM

HANA XSA Express - xs-security.json missing in MTAR and redeploying

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I am working on a very recent XSA Express system ( SPS 03 Patch 64 ( Build 4.3.64 ) ) building MTA applications.

The different components of the MTA application use an UAA service instance for the user authenciation (as stipulated by SAP). In the root of the project a file 'xs-security.json' is created which defines the different scopes, attributes and role templates that are used within the application.

When the application is initially deployed within a space on HANA Express an UAA service is automatically created.

Initially my security file was empty so the service was created without any issues ( as the actual 'content' of that file was empty). Once I did define auth role templates, I believe I then updated the UAA service at some point via the CLI to use the new security data. ( Or more likely I might have deleted and recreated the service via the CLI ).

Later on when I started redeploying a modified MTAR via XS deploy I then noticed that an error occured and deployment was not possible.

When executing the XS deploy I get an error

'Inconsistent xs-security.json: Invalid xsappname: Must not be <null>.' which now - finaly after finding this topic - it makes sense to me ... the security descriptor is not included in the build MTAR binary !

In order to get a new version of my MTA deployed - my solution so far has been:

  1. Deleting the existing UAA service
  2. Deploy the new MTAR. Then the UAA service was created again with no security info.
  3. Then one should think that you could simply update the existing, new service with an uploaded xs-security.json file ( xs update-service yourUAA -c xs-security.json )... Nope ... does not work. Update error that the mentioned xsappname does not match the newly service name - yourUAA <> yourUAA!i1 ... The '!i1' suffix gets added by SAP based upon the spaces you deploy in .. but somehow it can't understand I am updating the same service ... "(Operation failed due to unexpected server error) with error message: 'description: Error updating application yourUAA!i4 (Cannot change AppId with update.)"
  4. Delete the UAA service again (!)
  5. Create the UAA service again referencing the security file ( xs create-service xsuaa space yourUAA -c xs-security.json ). Now the security file is taken into account.
  6. Rebind all your existing apps/services again with the newly UAA service

A not so pleasant side consequence of the above is that all existing roles lost those assigned role templates ... So one has to redefine roles again ... cumbersome ...

I downloaded the latest CLI MTAR builder and build the archive via the command line ... same problem ... still no file included.

The proposed solution in the other topic ? Manually adding the file to the MTAR archive ..

I have the follwoing setting in my mta.yaml file ...

parameters: config_path: ./xs-security.json

I tried several locations in the MTAR file - in the root folder, in the folder META-INF - nothing works .. always the same error ... (sigh) ...

So there seem to be 2 issues:

  1. The bulding of an MTAR file does not include the xs-security.json file
  2. Updating the UAA service via the cli does not work as it compares the appname wrongly

I hope these issues are s getting fixed SOON as this is really frustrating to work properly with MTA...