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Activating two legal control legal reg

Hi All,

I have a requirement to basically skip EAR as this is configured for US REX calculation.

Originally my thought is to create a custom legal regulation (ZEAR) to have this legal reg not activate USREX.

is there a way to skip EAR completely and just have certain doc types check ZEAR, vice versa? I tried under general settings > doc structure > doc type to see if the system would skip EAR if I called out the legal regulation control setting. It does not seem so but welcome to others inputs.

Also curious how we can activate multiple legal regulations (is license determination mandatory - this is the only thing I did not configure yet because I wanted to test if it would even call the second legal reg ZEAR.

I understand we can skip dm calc by having the product be classified to "no calc" but the requirement is also to not enrich or touch current master data.

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3 Answers

  • Hello Michael,

    I hope I got your question right. What is the point of using USREX if EAR is not used?

    Anyway, have you tried removing the legal regulation EAR under legal regulation USREX in the re-export block in 'Control Settings for Legal Control'. Please let me know if I may have misunderstood your question.

    Regards, Satish

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  • 3 days ago

    The requirement is to have not impact current transactions that are using EAR with USREX activated.

    Thus we want to separate this out, we wanted to create another legal regulation (i.e., ZEAR), however, activating under "legal control" will call both ZEAR and EAR. We want to have it skip EAR for certain document types (i.e., certain scenario sales scenarios to trigger ZEAR and certain sales scenarios to trigger EAR).

    I am getting the feeling that this cannot be done through configuration. Please let me know if I am incorrect. I understand above doesnt make sense but we want to reduce the amount of changes in master data products and organizational structure as much as possible, best case - no changes to master data or organizational structure that is existing.

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  • 41 minutes ago

    Just wanted to check if anyone else has any insights?

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