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Ingredient not consumed from BOM in production orders

An ingredient used frequently in production is not being consumed from BOM on running production orders in SAP.

This ingredient is used in multiple products and is selected at "batch management" mode when you check Plant data/ stor. 1 in MM03. Also, it is a common ingredient between other plants of the same company.

Please advise what needs to be modified - BOM or material code so that the consumption occurs against each order.

# MM03 snapshot

Thank you,

Susmi Surendran

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3 Answers

  • 4 days ago


    This is a very generic question and you should try to provide more details. If this material supposed to be backflushed (goods issue posted during confirmation) or are you planning to post the goods issue manually?

    If you want to have backlush, make sure that the backflush indicator is set for this material, so that it is automatically proposed for consumption during the order confirmation.

    If the backflush indicator is set, then try to post a confirmation and jump into the goods movements screen, in order to check if this component is there. If you see the goods movement proposed but they are not posted, it might be the case that there is an error when posting the goods movement, so check for errors in COGI and CO1P.



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    • Hello

      You can activate an automatic batch determination for your order setting the flag BD for the order type in transaction OPJ2.

      Of course, you will have to configure the whole batch determination for your material, but you can find many documents in the internet explaining how to do it.



  • Hi Susmi Surendran,

    Could you please share the MRP 2 View of this material, to understand current setting on the Batch Determination, of this component. How and when the Batch determination is happening ?
    Thanks for the quick feedback. Best Regards : Raja

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    • Hi Raja,

      Please see snapshot for MRP2 tab for the same code. We enter batch details when receiving (101 movement) the raw material from vendor. We have multiple batches of the same code in stock and maybe this is the reason production orders are not able to identify where the stock should be pulled from and hence don't consume. Is there any way we can set this on auto-consume like other ingredients ?

      Or do we need to change the material code settings ?

      946d6.png (47.6 kB)
  • Hi Susmi Surendran,

    Please find the below creen shot, where you can set the batch Entry option, as shown below
    You can try with one of these, options = 3 for Automatic (or) the Option = 1, for Manual
    so that, always which Batch needs to be consumed in the Production Order, is clearly defined.
    Try with any one of these options & let me know, if you still faces the problem

    Also, Please take a look of the below link, for the Blog
    Explained , how Batch Determination works for the components in the Production Order, both Manually (or) Automatically.
    Thanks & Regards : Raja

    lmobg.png (130.1 kB)
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