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No Past Consumption is taken into account by the system in case of VM

Main issue is that if no consumption in last 35 months other than the latest last month which is any number other than 0, SAP won't calculate till past 35 months

My problem is that in the Automatic Re-order planning, in case of 36 months Forecast if the first months consumption value is 10; then system should considers 35 months consumption even if all months have zero consumption. Business requirement is to have 35 month into consideration while forecasting MP30.

E.g. If in May let’s assume consumption is 0, SAP should considers 35 months Consumption as per the weighting group which is configure for the last three years consumption but When I run MP30, system is not showing past consumption of 35 months which is wrong as per business requirement. Now objective is How to bring past consumption periods in spite of having zero value in consumption.


Master Data:

ROP 10 SS 5 Min SS 2 Service Level 97 Lead Time 40

I have made the configuration of Weighting group i.e. 03 which means to consider 3 years consumption and i am assuming that whatever the consumption it should consider 36 months and divide the for caste value by 36 to bring average consumption value for the month. System is not taking the zero value in past consumption.

Master Data Forecasting View:

If I maintain 36 Years consumption then It should be like this i.e.

Current month is 05.2019 when I add past 36 month then I would be end on 04.2016. But I maintain till 05 2017. Business requirement is to consider the zero consumption till 04.2016. If system is not doing this then it may calculate more safety stock and reorder point.

When I run MP30 and click on Past it will show only up to 05.2017

If I maintain zero till 35 past period and give value on the last 36 period, it is considering and taking into account all 36 months from 05.2019 to 05.2016. Question is why system is not considering if it's first month value is 10 and rest is zero's, system is not taking into account rest of the months.

Need Suggestion.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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1 Answer

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    May 26 at 08:02 AM

    Dear All,

    Issue has been resolved via enhancement. Now system is considering all the past month while running MP30 and MP38 for the periods which have zero's consumption.

    Best Regards

    Mohsin Abbasi

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