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Account assignment group is empty when listing article for new created sales org

Dear SAP Retail Experts,

I'm having trouble with listing articles for new created site and sales organization in my IS retail system using WSM3 and MM42 listing.

the situation is that we have new sites created lately with new sales organizations as well. We have done all the necessary configuration related to these new sites and sales orgs. but for account assignment group in sales data, it is empty for those news sales orgs when listing new articles. I have check all MC reference article and assortment with MC and assortment users, they seem all fine but i still can not get account assignment group listed for these.

New articles listed have account assignment group for old sales orgs in MVKE table but these new sales are not there.

Where might have i missed here?

I would be very appreciated your inputs

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    Posted on May 18, 2019 at 12:03 PM

    Focus your attention on reference articles.

    Each merchandise category (material group) should have a reference article assigned (you can see this assignment in T023-WWGDA). When you create a new article master, data from the reference article assigned to the merchandise category is copied to the new article being created in that merchandise category.

    In the case you describe, it is very likely that your reference article includes MVKE records for your old distribution chains (Sales Organization and Distribution Channel) but nobody has extended the reference article to the new distribution chain and maintained the account assignment group value in that distribution chain.

    Because the reference article either has not been extended to the new distribution chain or (and also) the account assignment group has not been maintained on the reference article in the new distribution chain, it then follows that there is no data (no value for account assignment group) to be copied from the reference article to the new article during listing (or whenever an article is otherwise extended to this new distribution chain).

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    • Thank you very much Mr Paul,

      yes very focus on MC and Reference article.

      It was my mistake that creating new article but not paying attention to the "reference article field" in MM41 so that MC has been chosen in MM41 is different than MC in the reference Article. That's why when creating article that way, it was not copied to new listed article in new sites.

      thanks for your help and your time, it is precious!