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May 16, 2019 at 10:28 AM

CPI - Custom UDF for manage queues , context changes



I am trying to create a new UDF to work with queues and context changes.

Idea is to insert values of second queue on first queue together with context changes.

If value of first queue is false we will insert a empty value if not we will choose next value from second queue.

CPI create context changes automatically and doesn't allow to work with values on different contexts.

My queue is returning the length of different contexts of both queues with this code. First context on 1 queue has one value and four values for second queue and first context. Then second queue doesn't provide values but first queue yes.

def void MapWithDefaultExtended(String[] var1, String[] var2, String[] var3, Output output, MappingContext context)

{ var1.each { v ->





Is there some limitation in CPI with context changes or queues? In PI it is possible to detect context changes.

I was checking SAP help but doesn't work . I can create context, or supress values but not detect context chages.



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