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Mar 22, 2006 at 03:08 AM

Can Ajax concept apply in SAP R/3?


Dear All,

The term Ajax is used to describe a set of technologies that allow browsers to provide users with a more natural browsing experience. Before Ajax, Web sites forced their users into the submit/wait/redisplay paradigm, where the users' actions were always synchronized with the server's "think time." Ajax provides the ability to communicate with the server asynchronously, thereby freeing the user experience from the request/response cycle. With Ajax, when a user clicks a button, you can use JavaScript and DHTML to immediately update the UI, and spawn an asynchronous request to the server to perform an update or query a database. When the request returns, you can then use JavaScript and CSS to update your UI accordingly without refreshing the entire page. Most importantly, users don't even know your code is communicating with the server: the Web site feels like it's instantly responding.

I was just wondering whether the concept can be apply in SAP ERP Desktop Application rather than web-based?

For example in R/3

When customer key in 1 in PO text-field all the PO starts frm 1 will drop down.

Is it possible?? I just try to think out of box