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Unallocated debtors accounts

How can I draw a report on all my unallocated debtors accounts ?

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  • As you haven't provided the product or tool you are using, I have fixed your tags to most common reporting tools.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 21, 2019 at 06:25 AM

    Good day Denis,

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to the different SAP products.

    At the moment I am using two different SAP applications, SAP ERP6 & SAP BI, I mostly use BI to draw financial reports on the daily, monthly yearly etc. sales figures and customer analysis. On ERP6 I draw reports on stock, vendors, stock availability, orders etc.

    My problem is that I need to draw a report on all my debtors accounts that are not allocated to a rep or key accounts manager. Thus I have customers that have accounts with us some of them have been allocated to a Rep and some to a KAM that look after the accounts, but then there are accounts not allocated to a Rep or KAM and no one is looking after them. We call them “Unallocated Debtors Accounts”.

    I thus need to draw a report somewhere on SAP either ERP6 or BI (I would think it would be BI) that will show me all debtors accounts and the customer details and to whom there accounts are allocated, thus the REP or KAM name, or not assigned to any Rep or KAM.

    I hope I explained my situation a bit clearer in order for you to determine whether you will be able to assist me in my predicament.

    Thanks ☺

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