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While Creating Inquiry for Material Variant I am not getting variant configuration pop up.

Hello Gurus,

I have one configurable Material ZMAT.I have Linked Material Variants to configurable Material in MRP 3 View in configure variant.I have assign some Characteristic in configure variant,but some I have to put in Inquiry order wise.

But Problem is I am not getting Configurator pop up in Inquiry.

How to solve it .Please help.I am facing issue.

Thank you in advance.

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7 Answers

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    May 17 at 06:29 AM


    Are you trying to get configurator with material variant? you will not get for material variant. Actually use of material variant is to have constant values or fixed value for characteristics. So it is not possible but if you try with configurable material you will get the configurator.


    Mahendran P

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      Actually I am doing variant configuration scenario with configurable material.

      and I have 16 FG which is Material variant . I have Maintained configurable material in Material variant MRP3 View.

      I have 8 characterisitc which is variants.So I maintained 5 characteristic in material variant MRP 3 view and 3 I have to maintained in while sales order processing (remaining 3 characteristic are customer requirement)i cannot maintained it in Material variant.

      I have strategy 25 for configurable material and 26 strategy for Material variant.general item category group 0002 in both.

      Item category for Variant configuration(CTO) is ZTAC i have maintained. In ovzi for ZTAC,maintained MRP TYPE -PD and Requirement Type KEK.

      For Inquiry I have maintianed ZAFC item category.In OVZI I have maintianed Requirement Typ-011 and Origin req type-1

      same for quotation.

      Now My question is that.

      I am starting with Inquiry and Quotation and then sales order.I am not getting Variant configuration Pop in Inquiry for Material Variant

      and also for quotation when I am starting from quotation .I can start with inquiry,quotation,sales order. from all of these.

      Two situation happens 1)I am getting pop up,but in MD04 Inquiry number is appearing with sales order and stock is going against inquiry.2)Pop up is not coming and inquiry is not coming in MD04 with sales order.

      I have Normal MTO and CTO process in one document type.

      How to tackle this type of situation

      Please help me

      Thank you in advance.

  • May 17 at 05:22 AM

    Have a look at OSS note 901048

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  • May 20 at 09:13 AM


    You keep the material variants (primary five characters) in another configurable material that should have common names for first five characters as one single characteristics and + three characteristics. Boss you will not get any popup while using material variant.But you will get popup in configurable material.

    You should not use material variant for popping up from configuration. But you can use with configurable material.


    Mahendran P

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    • Hello,

      I have configurable material 1700 which I have to sell.16 FGs which are Material variant that also I have to sell.In that Material variant I have maintain 5 characteristics and 3 are customer requirement which I have to put in Inquiry,quotation,Sales order.

      How should I have to select that 3 requirment in inquiry for material variant.

      Please help me.

      Thanks in advance.

  • May 20 at 12:22 PM


    You can create another configurable material say as 1750, the material variant 16 nos can be kept inside. while configuring 1750, for five characteristics you can keep common chacteristics or material variant number can be used in this BOM component. And while selecting the values use 1750 as configurable material in query, select the value as your requirement. BOM item should have the selection condition for material variant and three customer related characteristics.


    Mahendran P

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    • 1700 Configurable Material is Running Fine,Inquiry is also not coming in MD04.

      Problem with Material Variant .It is not Working properly.Where should I enter 5 Characterisitcs which are mandatory for Material Variant,and 3 Characterisitcs I have to Maintained in Inquiry,Quotation,Sales order.How selection conddition logic should I give for Material Variant and for remaining 3 characterstics.

      as per you are telling that ,I will create 1750 as a configurable material.I have 8 Characterisitcs which are variants clients requirement.I will create class for Configurable material.I maintain 8 characterisitcs in class of configurable Material.I will create 1-1719 Material as a Material Variant .I will put configurable Material 1750 in Material variant MRP3 view.and 5 characterisitcs i will maintain in Material variant and another 3 characterisitcs i will not maintain.I will maintain 3 characterisitcs in inquiry,quotation,sales order.

      What will be selection condition for Material variant and 3 customer related characterisitcs.

      I want pop for that Material variant,Because I want to maintain that 3 characteristics in Inquiry,Quotation,sales order.

      Because for that 3 characterisitcs there are multiple characterisitcs values.and every time it will change by customers.

      and in MD04 I dont want Inquiry no in MD04.

      Please Help me.

      Thank you in Advance.

  • May 20 at 01:47 PM

    Dont feed 1750 to the mrp 3 view please.Boss try to understand you can not treat the material variant like this. because material variant will have fixed values so you can not use as configurable material. Seriously i am telling materiel variant is used for make to stock or fixed BOM for sales order.

    What will be selection condition for Material variant
    you have to assign something simplified single value or 5 values you have to combine create in selection condition

    You can have

    For example,

    VC_BIKE_CFG = "B29CCM" (Simplified) or

    Color = ''BLACK" AND DRIVE = "2WHEEL DRVIE" AND CC = "900 CC" AND AND TYRE = "MICHELIN" (Alt Method)

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    • Hello Sir,

      What should i suggest to my client?.My configurable material is 1700 .How will that 1-1719 FG I have to treat to full fill Client requirment.Shall i maintain 1-1719 material following views?

      1)Classification view

      2)In basic data 2 configurable tick.

      3) strategy 25.

      4)Super Bom

      5)Super routing.

      6)Configuration profile.

      But Client only wants super bom and super routing for only configurable Material 1700.

      He want to sell 1-1719 also.How to tackle this with use of characterisitcs while inquiry,quotation,sales order.

      Where should i give selection condition in material variant for characterisitcs?

      What suggestion should i give to client

      Please help me.I am in trouble.

      Thank you in advance.

  • May 20 at 02:24 PM

    It seems you missing to understand what is material variant. if you are going to have another configurable material and you have to keep material variant inside of the BOM, and select the required material variant, Extras -> Object dependencies -> Editor or Assignement. You have to follow this path to create selection condition

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    • Hello Mahendran Sir,

      Please Help me Sir,I am still on that Stage.

      I am new in Variant configuration.

      I have created configurable material 1700 and I have maintained it super Bom and super routing and configuration profile.All selection condition and precondition logic i used for selecting required components .I have 8 Characterisitcs.

      Now problem with 1-1719 Material.Client is telling that He wants to maintain 1700 Material in MRP 3 view of 1-1719.

      and he will going to sell 1700 standard configurable material with different combination of variants characteristcis.

      and He will also going to sell 1-1719 also.

      5 characteiristcs are clients is giving to customer and 3 characteirsitcs that customer will give to client.

      If order comes 5 characterisitcs will get fix but 3 charactersitcs will remains change everytime.

      So how to treat 1-1719 Material?

      In super BOM of Configurable Material 1700 maintained 1-1719? which strategy should use.

      But How system will pick 1-1719 Material from BOM in inquiry,quotation,sales we are maintaining it in BOM.

      What selection condition should I use.

      Please Guide me.

      Thank you in advance.

  • Jun 04 at 11:39 AM
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