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'(PCH1)' error on Cancellation of A/P Invoices in SAP Business One 9.2


I want to cancel some A/P Invoices. The status of these A/P invoices are open and no payment is made against these A/P invoices. SAP Business One generates document "A/P Invoices - Cancellation" from "A/P Invoice", but when I click on Add button, SAP shows an error '(PCH1)' and no details are shown regarding this error. I cannot understand what is the meaning of this error.

I searched this error in TransactionNotification Store Procedure, but this error was not found in this store procedure.

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    Posted on May 16, 2019 at 12:31 PM

    Hello Muhammad,

    You can try temporarily removing TransactionNotification. I am no sure if TN is the source of the issue but you can give it a try.

    Possibly you already tested but try to close SB1 and open again. It could be some kind of memory issue.
    Also take a look to the previous message in the log. What you see at the bottom of the screen is the last message of the issue, but there could be previous messages that could help in diagnostic.

    The other option I can suggest is to enable logger with "Errors, Warnings and Information" and see what is going on. It is going to create lot of entries and could impact performance so use it for dignostic only.

    It is going to create log files for each windows process ID. Then, you can open the log with notepad or a spreadsheet because the format of log is CSV and make it easier to filter. There is a document but I cant find the link that is named "How to Work with Logging and Tracing in SAP Business One".


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