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Condition to determine Org units based on company code

Hi experts

This question is with regards to org unit condition determination

We have two company codes in TMS - say 0001 and 0002
The Purchase org and execution org should be determined on the Comapny code via conditions in the FO/FB

1. Created a condition based on type - /SCMTMS/TOR_ORGUNIT
2. This condition has data access defintion as /SCMTMS/TOR_SRC_LOC
3. But we dont want the Pur org and execution org to be determined on based source location. It should be determined on the company code
4. Created a new data access definition ex; ZERP_Company code, but the data element used is not accepting any of these -
/SCMTMS/ORG_EXT_ID or /SCMTMS/ORG_ID input data elements

How can we determine the purchase org and executuion org depending on the copmany code
plz note - I have merged the company code from ERP to TMS. So the company code is created as an Org unit in TMS

When the FO/ FB is created from Planning, The purorg and exec org should change based on the comapny code.
How can we achieve this.

Please guide.

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