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How to move uploaded file to folder instead of inserting to the HANA database as Blob?

Hi Experts,

I am building a SAPUI5 app which requires a user to upload files on a weekly and in some instances on a daily basis. The total number of users is between 280-300 and each will be required to upload a file depending on the kind of data they are submitting. In most of the cases a user will be required to submit more than one file at a go.

I would like to save the file name into the database and the file to a folder.

I have used xsjs to insert data to HANA and would like to use sap.m.UploadCollection to view the different files.

The code I have used is as below.

var conn = $.db.getConnection();
         // var filename = $.request.parameters.get("file_name");
         // var fileBody = $.request.entities[0].body.asArrayBuffer();
         // $.response.setBody(fileBody);
          try {
        	  if ($.request.entities.length > 0) {

        	  var filename = $.request.parameters.get("file_name");
        	  var fileBody = $.request.entities[0].body.asString();
        	  var pstmt = conn.prepareStatement( "INSERT INTO SCHEMA.IMAGE_STORE (USERID,AVATAR) VALUES(?,?)" );

        	  $.response.contentType = 'text/plain';
        	  $.response.setBody("[200]:Upload for file " + filename + " was successful!");

        	} catch (e) {
        		$.response.contentType = 'text/plain';
        	    $.response.status = $.net.http.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR;
        	    $.response.setBody("Failed: "+e.message);

I have tried the Move() method and it doesn't work. I have checked the File API and am not sure how I should use it.

Thanks in advance.

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