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May 13, 2019 at 07:31 AM

Multiple storage locations in EWM / GR- and GI-Zones


Dear all,
we want to install an EWM Warehouse with multiple storage locations of one common plant.
Separation of stocks by use of availability groups, that are assigned to storage types, is finished so far.
For each storage location i have created a set of stock types (e.g. 1F, 1B, 1Q, ... 2F, 2B, 2Q and so on).

We receive goods in different storage locations and also deliver from different storage locations, so we have different physical GR-/GI-Zones. We also consume raw materials from two different storage locations
What is not yet clear for me is, how to handle the GR- and GI-Zones and the production supply areas (storage type 1000).
Do i need an own storage type for GR/GI/Production (and perhaps also own inbound-/outbound processes) for each involved storage location?