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Mar 21, 2006 at 08:04 PM

Problem in activating data in datastore object



I have an issue while activating the data in Datastore Object.

I have been trying to load the data to cube 0FIAP_C02. I am going to write down all the process I am doing, so you will have a clear picture and advice me accordingly.

1.)Installing Business content (Cube, Datastore objects, Infosources,

Transfer strcuture and Transfer and update rules) ( 0FIAP_C02, 0FIAP_O06, 0FI_AP_1 and 0FI_AP_6 (infosources)

2.)Replicate the datasources from the R/3 side to BW side (the

datasources are replicated as 3.x)

3.) Create transfer rules and transfer structure.

4.) Create Infopackage for loading data to PSA.

Datasource 0FI_AP_1 -> Full Upload.

Datasource 0FI_AP_6 -> Init. Delta Load.

Load data for both the datasources.

5.)Migrate the 3.x datasources to "Emulated datasources". Create

Transformation between Datasource 0FI_AP_1 and cube 0FIAP_C02, also

create transformation 0FI_AP_6 to Datastore Object 0FIAP_O06.

Create DTP's to load the data from PSA to data targets.

Now is my problem,

1.)I am having errors while activating the data in ODS. (It says that errors occured during the activation of data but I cannot see an error log or anything of that kind.) I can load the data and it gives me green light but when i try to activate it gives errors.

2.)A follow up question of the activation of data is does this data goes and sits in PSA of the data mart 80FIAP_O06.And then do we have to create transformation/DTP from Datastore Object to cube (0FIAP_C02) or we are going to use the Business content transfer rules and Load the data by Infopackage.


Kiran Mehendale.