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May 09, 2019 at 11:09 AM

Automatic determination of a characteristic based on another characteristic value


Good afternoon.

I have a Variant Configuration case when i need to determine the value of one characteristic based on what the value of a second characteristic is. So, i have characteristics ZFILLING and ZFILLING_MAT, and what i want is when i choose a specific value on ZFILLING to have a specific value displayed on ZFILLING_MAT.

We produce batteries. ZFILLING denotes if our battery will be filled with electrolyte or not and ZFILLING_MAT denotes the specific electrolyte which should be used in each case. ZFILLING_MAT depends on the SAP material number itself and the type of cells that male up the battery, therefore i have created a variant table where I have maintained Material Number, Cell_type and ZFILLING_MAT.

What i need is when the user chooses ZFILLING=YES, that the system checks on the variant table and brings back the respective electrolyte material number. Therefore, i assume i need

(a) to create battery material number and Cell Type as characteristics within the class (ie ZMATERIAL and ZCELL), and

(b) write a procedure that when the user chooses ZFILLING=YES, then the system determines the ZFILLING_MAT. I assume that procedure is like



000030 ZCELL = ZCELL,


but i do not know how to trigger this procedure only when the user chooses ZFILLING = YES

And, one more question: is it necessary to create battery material number as characteristic within the class? Can it be done otherwise?

Every help is highly appreciated.

Best personal regards,