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May 03, 2019 at 09:43 AM

Different settings in repositories CRMORDER and on the back end


Hi Folks,

Requirement : user wants to see the document content without logging in sap webui.

I am trying to retrieve the URL of the attached document in SAP Solution manager, and i was able to retrieve the same but when i m pasting the same in Browser i m getting a message stating "Different settings in repositories CRMORDER and on the back end".. Please help me with the trouble shooting or any other solution approach .

The way i retrieved URL:

***** DATA lv_host TYPE string.
***** DATA(lo_runtime) = cl_bsp_runtime=>get_runtime_instance( ).
***** DATA(lo_url) = NEW cl_url( server = lo_runtime->server ).
***** " now the <hostname>:<port number> is stored in lv_host
***** IF lo_runtime->server IS NOT INITIAL.
***** lo_url->host( CHANGING url = lv_host ).
***** "the class and logical object id could be got via the code.
***** DATA(lv_obj) = '4A38D6E3C6021EE984FC3F088D25C513'.
***** DATA(class) = 'CRM_L_ORD'.
***** DATA(ls_object) = VALUE sdokobject( class = class objid = lv_obj ).
***** DATA(lv_att_url) = cl_sdc_bsp_utilities=>phio_get_url_for_get( request = lo_runtime->server->request object_id = ls_object ).
***** lv_att_url = lv_host && lv_att_url.

I have asked basis team to check content repository settings and they were saying everything is fine.

Thanks in Advance,