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May 06, 2019 at 11:57 AM

foreign currency revaluation for non open item GL

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Hello everyone,

I am doing foreign currency revalaution for Non open item GL account which is balance sheet account actually it is bank gl account maintained for GBP, its currency under control; tab is GBP . so my question is while doing revaluation in fagl_fcv when i select gl account balance tab and put this account and revaluate i am not getting the exchange rate in the exchange rate column but i am getting the exchange rate if i am revaluating for different open item gl and custom or vendor. i want to know why it is not showing and if it is not showing and that is correct then what is the logic behind it . for more clarification i have put the screenshot below.

where should we maintain non open item gl accounts in KDF or KDB because as per my knowledge for customer ,vendor and open item gl we have to maintain it in kdf but for non open item revaluation for unrealized gain and loss also where should we maintain it in be please require your inputs. if i am wrong please do correct me thanks.


configuration of valuation method i have done and done config for rest of the Fc valuation, I have assigned gain and loss in oba1 in kdf for this GBP bank gl account 151101.

This is the revalaution screen whrere i am not getting the exchange rate marked in red whereas for customer,vendor and open item GL i am getting this exchange rate i just want to know is it correct that it is not showing for non open item if it is correct then what is the logic behind it. For more clarification i am writing the scenario what i have used.

I have raised a customer invoice and then received paymnent in this account GBP Gl account 151101 @105 exchange rate on 16.04.2019 payment received rate. so while doing revaluation i am getting the revaluation rate in the column 98 which i have maintained in ob08 on 30.04.2019. but i am not getting exchange rate why.


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