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Alternative BOMs - Determine by Sales Order or Production Order and Storage Locations

If I create two Alternative BOMs...

1) How is it determined to use which BOM? (via the Sales Order or via Production Order)

2) If I create inventory for both Alternative BOMs (SKU#123 ALT_1 & SKU#123 ALT_2), is (or can) the inventory stored in separate storage locations? If so, how? [Only EWM or WM lite or Stadard WM?]

Reason: We often re-create an entire SKU setup just to be able to mange the inventory differently. This causes significant confusion on the ordering side when it is the saem prodcut from a GTIN/UPC perspective. Multiple sub-tables and cross references must be made. Also, the amount of time duplicating materials throught the system is extremely wasteful.

If I were able to create SKU#123 (with multiple BOMs ALT_1 & ALT_2, etc.)...I would only need to know what drives the selection of the alternatives (i.e. what SAP allows, forces or recommends (production order or sales order driven)) and that the inventory can be stored in separate locations to ensure material tacking, etc.

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated!!

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    Posted on May 21, 2019 at 05:14 PM


    With Sales order it is possible to explode 2 different Alternate BOms and usage of 2 alternate BOMs can be picked. In sales order item category configuration VOV7, you meed to have actionable features to drive this. 1) BOM application SD01 2) Manual Alternative.( should be activated )

    2) You need to have a set up of picking Alternate BOM, either by Lot size, validity date or by production version. I would recommend to use Production version. You need to have a settings in Plant paramater OPPQ as well for Sales order driven BOM explosion.

    3) Once you create Sales order, you will get a pop up of 2 Alternate BOMs( If PV is maintained), select the required BOM.

    4) Since it will be a MTO scenario, so production order will have customer specific stock. Now challenge is how to differentiate stocks from 2 Alt BOMs. I would recommend you can have 2 separate stock type in EWM say F2 for Alt1 and F4 for Alt2. Or you can use 2 different Availability groups as well. In this case for Stock differentiation, you can create 2 storage locations as well.

    5) But it's not very easy to have 2 different Availability groups of same SKU. My idea is to fetch 2 different EWM Item types with default sales order Item category, say TAN.. If you are able to fetch 2 different EWM item types which can be done in customizing , 2 different Warehouse process types can be used to have 2 different Availability group and then you can differentiate the SKUs of different BOMs.

    6) If it is required to pick stock of 2 Alt BOMs based on Stock types F2, F4, you can deploy Stock determination rule in EWM.

    Best regards

    Shailesh Mishra

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