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IDM Upgradation

Dear Experts,

We are now upgrading from IDM 7.2 to IDM 8. We created initial set up and imported Identity store, repositories and jobs as per the below guide.

But after importing most of the configerations needed changes. Does any other document is existing to help on this or any other better solutions to make it quicker?

Thanks in advance.



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3 Answers

  • Posted on Apr 25, 2019 at 12:08 PM

    Hello Jay,

    7.2 and 8.0 are very different and the upgrade is no easy task because of this. There is no fastlane for this.

    Don't think about "quicker", but about "thorough" and don't forget testing everything.


    Which configuration changes surprised you?




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    • Hello Jay,

      I don't know if you are going in the right direction, but it seems like you (your company) underestimated that project big time and now suffer the consequences. A lot of things changed from 7.2 to 8.0. You can look for blogs here in the community to find information about this. That's one thing I did, but I started collecting information about what to look out for, what to expect etc at least one year before I started the actual upgrade.

      Jumping into this upgrade without a plan and solutions about how to tackle these changes... well, not a good idea. ;)


      I hope you are only in the process of upgrading (or trying to upgrade) a sandbox or testsystem at the moment, because you need to invest some time (or a lot, if you do it without a partner) into research now.

      Hook tasks, for example, are a thing of the past. Also there are no global scripts and constants anymore. And then there are the respository types and all that comes with those.


      You need to find solutions for all the changes, depending on your landscape, before doing any more upgrading. So I would advice to leave the production system alone at the moment, until you have answers to your problems/questions. And maybe start looking for a consultant with experience in the upgrade process. That's not something the community can help you through.




  • Posted on Apr 25, 2019 at 03:43 PM


    You should be relying on your implementation partner for this. Most consultancies have well established approaches for how this should happen.

    Other than that, what Steffi said! :)


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    • I understand, Jaya.

      I'd suggest looking into a partner. As you've seen, it's a long complicated task, and the only things I know to make it more bearable are experience and a team of people working on it.

      As others have mentioned, working in Sandbox is a good way to gain some knowledge and build up a good approach if you plan to do it yourselves.


  • Posted on Apr 26, 2019 at 11:52 AM

    Hi Jaya,

    There isn't any specific guide or steps available about what needs to be changed and also it is difficult to let you know what you need to check, as it depends from system to system or customer to customer. But as per my experience, i would suggest you start with the below

    1. First step would be, list down the changes between 7.2 and 8.0 and categorize them into two groups like major and minor changes
    2. Below are few changes or new concepts when compared between 7.2 and 8.0
    • Logon to idm via Developer Studio as an Eclipse plug-in instead of MMC
    • Ordered/unordered group tasks has been replaced as process.
    • No more Global Scripts & Constants
    • No more windows runtime engine, so if any scripts are written in VB script, then they wouldn't work. Those scripts need to be rewritten in Javascript
    • UI tasks are replaced as forms
    • Change in Provisioning framework concepts, no more hook tasks.

    I would recommend you to prepare a plan as below, which might help you

    1. Identify what uses cases you need to test,something like a test plan, based upon on your existing production 7.2 system.

    For eg..

    Non Provisioning Jobs

    - Repository jobs like Import roles into IDM,

    - mass admin import jobs like user creation/modification/role assignments etc.,

    - export jobs related to reporting

    - any other Scheduled jobs like user deactivation/termination, mail notifications etc.,

    Provisioning jobs

    - Identify the list of workflows set up and running in prod. Consider each of the flow as a test case.

    Provisioning framework

    - need to test All the plugins like Create/modify/delete/lock/unlock all needs to be configured and tested.

    1. Once the plan is ready, before testing first travese to the entire use case manually, and check if you need to perform any of the following changes
    1. Forms - Check
    1. Form Type
    2. result handling tab about tasks to be executed after request submission from UI . Sometime after upgrade, these links would be broken
    3. Attributes
    4. access control
  • Process - check
    1. wheather the process needs to be public, if it needs to be public then there shouldn't be any spaces in the text, so need to rename
    2. Process type, whether it is add member / delete member task
    3. Result handling, whether tasks are linked correctly
    4. The workflow, like whether all the action/switch/ approval tasks are properly linked as per the design. IF not you need to identify the respective process tasks and link it if its existing else, need to create a new one.
    5. Open each action/ approval /swtich task and verify whether details are maintained properly or not.
  • Provisioning framework
    1. Import the new provisioning framework
    2. Import the repositories, make sure the length is not more than 6 chars else need to rename the repositories
    3. Based on the type of repository, need to update the repository type if repostories are imported, else if created manually from admin ui, then this step is not required.
    4. Check the repository constants, event tasks are properly maintained.
    5. Test each plugin tasks and repository type based jobs.
  • Jobs
    1. Provisioning jobs/non provisioning jobs
    1. Global scripts are replaced with package scripts, would recommend you to create a new package and include all the global scripts under this package make them as public so that they can be accessed from other packages
    2. Need to review all the scripts and identify the constants used and need to create them as package constant
    3. changes the existing constants prefix from %$GLB.% to %$PCK.%
    4. Check if dispatcher are linked correctly
    5. And many more
  • Basically, you need to perform entire end to end testing. Once your development system is similar to your 7.2 production system, then it is pretty easy to set up your QA & Prod systems, as you only need to perform trasnports and do a complete end to end testing.
  • As part of your testing, you will be encountered with lot of errors, so each error you need to fix it and thats when your system is successfully upgraded.

    So take your time in testing all the jobs/flows/user cases, so that once moved to Prod, you will have no issues

    If you need any help, you can post your queries in the group and the experts would be able to help you.



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