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How to Filter Forecast Data in Reports (Excel Query Variables)

Hello everyone,

currently I have an issue when trying to implement graphical and tabular forecast data into a template.

In my situation there is one templates which shows the development of R&D bugs/errors over the last year for different parts or departments with data from the universe.

Part/Department (e.g. electronic control module etc.)

Calendar week 13: 1000 errors
Calendar week 14: 1200 errors
Calendar week 15: 1400 errors
Calendar week 16: 1100 errors
Calendar week 17 (current calendar week): 800 errors

The errors are shown in a bar diagram as well as in a table below the diagram.


This template has various active reports (different active schedules) in it, each using different prompts and therefore showing a different number of errors for different parts of departments.

Now, there is the desire to implement forecast data from an Excel sheet into the existing universe to show the expected bug fixing development in future calendar weeks. So I need to add forecast data from an Excel sheet into the existing BO document and "hardcode" it to the diagrams and the tables. The Excel sheet has numerous columns, which refer to a different part or department.

For example

Part/department (e.g. electronic control module etc.)

Calendar week 18: 750 errors
Calendar week 19: 650 errors
Calendar week 20: 500 errors


So I tried adding the Excel query and now have different variables for each forecast. After that I merged the Calendar weeks of the universe and the Excel data. In a last step I added the forecast data to the bar diagram and the table below it. The problem is that I have all the forecast data "hardcoded" into the template. However, I only need one graph and one row in the table for each report.

Ideally, I want to avoid creating different templates for each report because then I need to create ~30 new templates with a single report in each. So my question is, can I deselect variables in each report, so that I deselect all the variables not needed in said report? Or is there another possibility to include all forecasts in the template and then filter them according to which forecast is needed in respective report? I have various parts/departments (control modules, headlights, sensors etc.)

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,


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1 Answer

  • May 22 at 07:41 PM


    Yes, Create a report and chart and have input control on dimensions.

    Make sure the selected dimensions are interacted with chart and table.

    How z your report layout looks like?. in chart and table. Can you post a screen shot?.



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