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Apr 20, 2019 at 05:32 PM

Parallel crcy area (crcy type 30) missing for area 01 ch. of deprec. US90


Hello Team,

while assigning company code to chart of depreciation, I get below error in S4Hana

"Parallel crcy area (crcy type 30) missing for area 01 ch. of deprec. US90"


For the leading valuation of the ledger approach and accounts approach, and for parallel valuations of the ledger approach, the following is valid: The parallel currencies in the leading ledger in General Ledger Accounting and in the depreciation areas in Asset Accounting must be the same.


If you have previously been using parallel currencies in General Ledger Accounting, but you have not implemented the corresponding parallel currency areas in Asset Accounting for all depreciation areas, you must first implement these depreciation areas before you install SAP Simple Finance. Contact your consultant.

Note that the parallel currency areas must have the same settings as the posting area. The only exception to this is the indicator for posting to the general ledger. Then the parallel currency area gets the indicator for 'Area Does Not Post'. Amongst other things, the indicator for transferring acquisition values and the parameter transfer must be set. This ensures that the value transfer and the parameter transfer are always identical to the posting area.