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How to move universe from UAT to Prod environment

Hi All,

BO : 4.1 SP 10 and UDT is used for Universe designing and DB is oracle

We have a universe called XYZ for which we need to perform few changes and below is the existing scenario.

In Dev: Universe XYZ with connection name as DEV

In Prod: Universe XYZ with connection name as PRD

Note: the CUID for connection DEV and PRD is different.

Now, I have made few changes in the universe in dev system and imported it to repository. Now i want to transport the changes to Production, for which we will have to promote the universe via Promotion mgnt.

I will not choose the connection to promote while promoting the universe.

Can anyone please guide, how should the connection be handled in this case, i.e when i transport the universe from dev to prod, the universe in prod should point to Prod connection only and this connection should not be overwritten.

Many Thanks for your help.



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2 Answers

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    Apr 23 at 08:31 PM

    This is not the best practice to create/use different connection in Prod.You can use overrides settings in Promotion management to move connection from Dev to Prod and same time change the connection details before moving in Prod.

    In your case two scenarios.

    If you have already moved universe in Production at least once then second time select only universe in promotion management and move in Prod.

    If first time your are moving either use overrides settings option to repoint the Dev connection to prod while moving in Production.or move both universe and connection in Prod and change the connection details in Production.

    If you still want to use seprate conneciton in Prod then manually you need to repoint the connection in UDT and again export in repository.

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    • Hello Amit,

      I transported the universe in Prod from UAT without connection and after doing so.. when i tried to open the universe in UDT tool, it shows error saying unvierse lost its connection. Not sure, what i'm missing here.

  • Apr 23 at 05:04 PM

    Please review "Using Overrides" section of the Admin guide, it explains your scenario.
    You can also review promotion pattern book :

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