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Mar 21, 2006 at 08:52 AM

cProjects on Testdrive Requrements?



I have downloaded cProjects-Plugin from the market place for my test installation Testdrive WAS 6.40 on SUSE Linux 9.1.

After finishing installation, the server shows that 790 MB of memory is in use (at present the server has 1 GB memory - maybe that isn't enough).

I called saint to install the cFolder package. The installation seemed to finish successfully.

When i open a transaction of cFolders to maintain the organization data, it begins to compile. The memory overflows and the server begins to write in the swap partition. The SAPGui shows a clock with the message "compiling". I left the server the whole night in this situation but it didn't finish.

Do i need more memory or is it necessary to preinstall PLM before installing cProjects/cFolders or like that?

Can s.o. give me a hint?