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BoM usage in PM: Possibility to select other BoM usage than 4

We have a situation at the client where they would like to have 3 valid Bills of materials for a component when doing maintenance (generic spare part list, items used at interval 1, items used at interval 2).

PM does not support the use of "multiple BoMs" so the original Idea was to use BoM item fields like spare part indicator and Item text to help in selecting from one large BoM that contained all materials for all purposes. This is not preferred by the customer as it would make it too easy to choose materials not allowed for the specific task/operation in that purpose.

The next idea was to copy the standard "BoM usage 4" to 2 new BoM usages (x & y) and then use the "Usage" field on the task list header to select the correct BoM usage for the particular task list. However, from what we can see, the configuration only allows us to set up a sequence of valid BoM usages for a task list, meaning that as long as there is a BoM with priority 1 (the standard usage 4) it will never display the other usages for the user in the component selection on the operation.

it looks like standard configuration does not get me in a situation to allow proper selection of a specific BoM for a material in a task list operation. Are we looking at development or is there something I am missing?

any suggestions would be very welcome.

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3 Answers

  • Feb 10, 2017 at 11:59 AM

    Why not use a multi-level BOM..

    You can use the IBAU material type to create the following levels:

    • Generic spare part list
    • Items used at interval 1
    • Items used at interval 2

    Assign the materials to the IBAU BOMs (material BOMS). Then assign the IBAU BOMs to your material/equipment/floc BOM.


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    Feb 13, 2017 at 12:05 PM

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    The origin of all maintenance related BoMs is a BoM based on the input from the supplier on their view of how the machine was built (let's call it a "construction based view" of the machine). in here items that functionally belong together are scattered across the BoM. In this construction BoM the spare part indicator is set (with item text) by the engineers based on input from suppliers/internal procedure. The maintenance BoMs are created based on the values set in these fields (relevant for interval 1, 2, generic and combinations of these)

    Each of the BoMs in question already is a multilevel BoM where IBAU materials are used in the structure. A concern would be that the same material and BoM levels could then appear 3 times in the same overall BoM.

    This was the reasong for me starting to lean towards some minor programming,as the user will only see that which is allowed for that specific purpose. As we already can specify the "usage" in the task list header it looks straightforward enough to use the value in that field to get the logic to pick the correct "usage" BoM in a user exit/BADI. Or is this a step too far?

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  • Feb 14, 2017 at 07:38 AM

    Some questions:

    • Where is this "usage" in the task list
    • How will the BOM data be presented to the user i.e. will they only see the items with the spare part indicator set. Is this why you refer to a user-exit/BADI
    • Will you stop the users from using any of these BOM items in the PM/CS order
    • Have you looked into configurable BOMs



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