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Feb 10, 2017 at 09:52 AM

How to plan for a BPC upgrade to 10.1 considering CPMBPC component?



We are planning a BPC for NW upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1. The BW system we have is 740 SP12 with CPMBPC 801 SP5, HANABPC 801 SP3. This is consistent with SAP Note 2202323. We have BW on HANA, but only use Classic Models, i.e. no need for Embedded or Unified models.

Looking at Note 2103585, I conclude that for the given BW version we need to upgrade to BPC 10.1 SP7.

Looking at Note 2140217, I conclude that for BPC 10.1 SP7, we need SAP_BW 740 SP12 and CPMBPC 810 SP07.

My question is whether we need to update the CPMBPC component from 801 SP5 to 810 SP7 before running the migration program UJT_MIGRATE_100_to_101 or does the CPMBPC component get updated automatically after the Migration program is run?