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Apr 17, 2019 at 12:26 PM

Searching vor AMDP Transformation Routines containing a specific Object



we are using a lot of AMDP Transformation Routines in our BW on HANA. In the AMPD Scripts, we often call data from other ABAP-Objects (active tables of ADSO, text or attribute tables of InfoObject, Z-Tables) declared after the USING part of the Procedure Implementation.

One of our concerns is that using the search function in SE11 or the ABAP Object Search, we can’t find the AMDP Routines which is having a specific table in its source code.

Like one day we need to change the structure of an ADSO (for example ABCD_D01) and we know this modification will affect all other objects that are using data from ABCD_D01. Now we need to find out every AMDP routine which is having the active table of the ADSO (/BIC/AABCD_D012) in its source code. Using either the Where-Used-Function in SE11 or the ABAP Object Search in the ABAP Modeling Tool, when we input the table /BIC/AABCD_D012, the search can only find normal ABAP source code ( ABAP transformation routines, ABAP classes etc.) but no AMDP routine.

Has anyone experience in searching regarding AMDP Routine?

Best regards,

Dang Le