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Vendor Evaluation - Applicabilty Period (on time delivery)

Dear experts,

in many blog treats I found the explanation that "applicability period defines which data is to be taken into consideration for vendor evaluation - older data is not taken into account." But on the other hand the process is decribed that every goods receipt that is evaluated, will lead to an updated score in s013. So the current score in s013 contains every single goods receipt that was rated ever, correct?

I would like to understand the SAP calculation:

If on-time delivery is the only criteria, processing vendor evaluation by using transaction ME63 is only taking the current scores in s013-PWTT2 for all materials from one vendor and calculating an average, correct?

Example: this is how the s013 looks like for 1 vendor / 1 material

I set the applicability period to 10 days, and the smooting factor for on time delivery to 10%. After that I posted a goods receipt in the period 04.2019 with a single event score of 100. I expected to see following new scores in s013: OTDel.1 = 100, OTDel.2 = 100 (as no old score should be found in applicability period to be smoothed with the new one). But the system set OTDel.2 to 96, so the new score was smoothed with a score that is not within the applicability period.

I found an other explanation that confirms that calculation (question 12598400): "The applicabilty period is used to smooth an old score with a new score. (...) In order to calculate the score for the cumulative field (PWTT2), the system looks in s013 for the most recent period that is covered by the applicability period. The score will be smoothed and saved in the new period. For the current field (PWTT1), the system will store the score for the current period only. (...) If you don't have an entry in the applicability period, then the cumulative score and the score for the period will always be the same as what was last recorded."

But if the current score alsways will be smoothed with the most current old score (within the set period or not), why do I have to set an applicability period at all?

Really appreciated for any replies.
Thank you in advance.

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