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SAP's Support Backbone Netweaver 7.31

I am trying to clarify the changes to connecting to SNOTE come January 2020. I understand the SOLMAN side fo the house however we have ERP EHP6 , so NW 7.31. I have updated our system to consume TCI Notes, I have applied the Digital Notes TCI and now I am looking at what to adjust to connect to SAP. I have read the guides and I can see anything prior to NW 7.40, RFC to SAP will still be supported. So, do I or don't I need to adjust my connection to SAPOSS? I see the docs speak about creating HTTP connections to

and for NW7.40 and configuring SNOTE to use them, however what am I to do prior to that?

I know I need a technical communication user, do I request that and simply adjust my SAPOSS RFC? Do I need to generate new HTTP to SAP? I need clarification. My only concern is come Jan 2020, I can download an SNOTE via my SAPROUTER on my ERP sandboxes.

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    Posted on Apr 16, 2019 at 08:48 PM

    Hi Joshua,

    I believe with your NW 7.31 systems, you will still need to make adjustments to your RFC connections, but I think the main adjustment is the switch to using a technical user. So yes, you do need to "request" a technical user. You don't do this the same as regular S-users. You do it at

    No doubt you've looked all through and

    I think that for your release, that is all you will need to do. Whenever you upgrade, of course, you'll need to look at the "parcel-box" configuration for SDCCN, setup of the https connections, and downloading the support site's server certificate roots to put into STRUST in your systems' client certificates (that was maybe the trickiest part for me, was finding those CA roots. Eventually I found to help with that, but before then I "faked" it by extracting the CA root from's site certificate via my browser).


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  • Posted on Apr 18, 2019 at 02:05 PM

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the reply,

    After reading note 2740667, it clearly states the following for my release:

    Final Remark If your RFC connection SAPOSS currently works fine without any issues, it is only mandatory to replace the existing generic user “OSS_RFC” with a valid technical communication user and adjust the usage of Load Balancing = YES. Since December 2018, it is possible to use technical communication users in RFC connections like SAPOSS. Dependencies with existing interfaces used in SAP applications (SAP Notes Download, Solution Manager, or Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager) using new interfaces to SAP Service and Support Backbone infrastructure are available in the referenced landing page and Guided answers (see above in that SAP note).

    So yeah it sounds like just making those settings to my SAPOSS RFC should do the trick. I did request a technical user 48 hours ago and still waiting but that's another issue LOL.

    On the SOLMAN side, 7.2 SPS05, I know i have to bring it up to min SPS07 by Jan 2020, but i did however setup digital notes and consume via the new HTTP rfc's. I did have a similiar issues accessing the and with SSL errors. I found note 2620478 where i downloaded the cert and uploaded it to my SSL cert in STRUST. Works great now! After i get my technical user for my ERP, i will try and see how it works. Ill update this thread so others could benifit.

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    • Joshua, great to hear that you got the SSL cert to work; like I said, that was perhaps the stickiest thing for me, finding the right certs to download and install.

      It's been several months since I requested the technical user for the RFC connections, so I may be misremembering, but I don't recall it taking that long for it to happen. However, as SAP just put out that scary notice for everyone to see (you can hardly avoid seeing it now), probably lots of people are requesting technical users right now, so that might be slowing things down.

  • Posted on Apr 18, 2019 at 04:52 PM

    I complained and opened an incident. LOL. Last time I requested them, they were created in 5 mins, first time I've seen so long. Did you create a technical user for each system? Or for each landscape? or just 1 for the entire corp?

    I'm trying to do one per system.

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    • I just created one technical user for the whole landscape. Of course, now that I've looked through the Notes -- presumably updated more recently -- I see that they are not recommending that practice, but... oh well.