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Split a order quantity into multiple lots or multiple production order

Suppose I have an order of 550 unit and the order number is 123. I want to split this order quantity into 6 lots each containing 100 unit and the last one 50 unit.
now, this split quantity could be in the form of production order or lot-card but each this should go through the same work centers (stages) and once each and every lot or production order reached to the final stage only then the order no. 123 should be considered as completed.
could you please give me a lead here as I am new to this

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2 Answers

  • Apr 16 at 08:35 AM


    1) You can maximum lot size and minimum lot size in MRP1 view. 2)Or you have to create seperate orders with required quantity only.3)We have covered this scenario with creating dummy orders with required qty but we have confirmed the original orders. 4)or create the picklist by doing the customization.

    To tell what we have done is we have created master pick list or prod order with Quantity 25, 50, 100, 200, if requirement is 500, we supply master picklist order 2 nos of 200 one number of 100 and at the same time original order of 500 quantity will be confirmed. This is our best practicses in food industry.



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    • In maximum lot and minimum lot, you can have two lot size,for example, if you fixed maximum lot size 100 and min lot 50, say you are receiving the order 350, SAP will generate three 100 qty order and one 50 qty will be generated. This is the standard functionality of SAP. You can try this too. and you can have minimum lot size 25 also, three 100 qty order two 25 qty order will be created for main order 350 qty. Check and revert

  • Apr 16 at 02:06 PM

    Hi Masbhauddin,

    Maintain fixed lot size as 100 in MRP1 view and system would create production orders as per fixed lost size. All the orders would be linked to the respective sale order.

    Thank you,


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