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Client Requirment

Dear all,

My client wants to sell goods as free up to some targeted value and then it has to be charged.

Please let me know the solution

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2 Answers

  • Apr 16 at 07:27 AM

    Hai -Can you please elaborate your requirement.

    This free material you will give with some other material/ alone?

    what if this free material get returned after reached some value..Please be more specific.


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    • Dear sir,

      For your understanding,

      Assume that we are raising sales order with xyz material which will cost 1000rs for 10 nos.

      now my client wants if customer orders 10(qty) xyz material it should be 0 net value but when the same customer if he orders 11 qty, 11th material should charge only 100rs.

      100rs because of 1000/10=100. so invoice should be created only for 100rs, not 1100rs.

  • Apr 17 at 07:12 AM

    Hai Shashank

    Please provide complete Information (even on returns process which we asked in our earlier post)

    Currently we can think of 3-different solutions for your Query.

    1.Have a customized pricing routine in your pricing procedure-which will always consider the ordered qty minus 10 as the actual order qty and do the condition value calculations.(what if the same customer repeats the order -we can tell you better based on your complete requirement)

    2.Scales from option- can be explored in your price condition type v/06 with customized routine in pricing(It just a guess-we can confirm based on the complete information on requirement)

    3.Always create a separate sales order for free goods and create a separate order with value (in this valued sales orders-we can have validation if free qty supplied earlier in sales order saving exits)(I prefer this method)

    But i still have a doubt on this 10 qty free- will you supply in single delivery or multiple?

    (What if customer plays order for 1 Qty each in ten different sales orders?)

    Sorry-so many question due to incomplete information.


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    • Dear sir,

      No doubt that it is of a single delivery and single sales order. If he places for 1 qty than also its free irrespective of sales orders, As in returns again it would be normal process intake would be again of free